Friday, June 22, 2012

Michael's Crafts: Passport to Imagination

Don't tell me your kids are complaining of boredom already? Well, if my list of 100 Things to Do This Summer isn't enough, and you wish there were more Lowe's Build and Grow Clinics, or you don't want to be inside for Free Bowling and they want something besides Summer Reading Programs, then check out Michael's Crafts Passport to Imagination.

Kids can "travel" to 17 different countries making some crafts that are representative of that country. Click on a flag to see what crafts the kids can make. Then you can either click on the craft to get the pdf directions on how to make it or write down the day/time that they will be making this craft in-store. For a list of ALL the in-store events for kids, check out their calendar. They started this week with Australia and Mexico (so those you will need to do at home), but you can check them out this weekend to make the Poland crafts. The calendar also includes some Adult craft classes.

I thought it might be fun to make one or more of the crafts from Spain with my daughter since our family from Spain is arriving tomorrow. I think the fan craft and the bull craft are both cute and can be done by both my kids (more assistance provide to my son, of course.)

And for the younger ones, there is also some "Coloring Adventures" with some animal pictures to color as well.

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