Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Magic Ink Paintings

Making Magic Ink Paint is Easy!

It's a 1:1 ratio of baking soda and water. I used 1T of each.

This is how it appears on the paper when it is still wet. Allow to dry completely before amazing your child with some magic.

Since it shows wet initially, my toddler thought it was fun to paint just this way.

Once it dries it will be virtually clear on the paper. Although you can kinda see where there is stuff but it's not easily recognizable.

And now the MAGIC HAPPENS!

 My daughter started painting away (1T water with a couple drops of food coloring) as soon as I gave it to her. She was very excited. We made up several colored bowls of paint.

And since she could kinda see where the stuff was, she knew where to paint. We were experimenting with different colors to see if one color seems to work the best. Darker colors appear to work better than lighter colors.

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