Monday, October 7, 2013

Make It Monday: Clean Eating Popcorn Balls

If you found this post, you must have been looking for a healthier alternative to traditional popcorn balls. If you were hoping to find a more sugary snack, then check out my other popcorn ball post from today. Today my readers are getting a two-for-one on the recipes with both a clean recipe and a more traditional recipe. For this recipe, I used JOLLYTIME White Popcorn that is in it's natural state. I made my popcorn for this recipe in an air popper, but you could make it over the stove top if you like. This recipe looks like an old fashioned caramel popcorn ball but features peanut buttery goodness and sweetness from honey. You are going to love these; my children do!

Clean Eating Popcorn Balls

1/2 C popping corn
2/3 C honey
1/2 C smooth natural peanut butter
1/2 tsp salt


In a small saucepan set over medium heat, bring honey and peanut butter to a boil. Stir mixture constantly for 30 seconds. Remove saucepan from heat and stir in salt. Pour hot mixture over cooked popcorn and mix until well combined. Using the JOLLY TIME popcorn ball maker or your hands and shape in to balls and let cool on wax paper. Makes 6-7 large popcorn balls.

Good to Know Information - JOLLY TIME Popcorn is made using GMO-free popcorn!

I was gifted with JOLLY TIME popcorn and a popcorn ball maker to review on Save Green Being Green. No monetary compensation was received. All thoughts, opinions, photographs and the clean eating popcorn ball recipe are my own. 


Mommy K said...

I had been wanting to make one like this. I saw different versions of how to make this. Yours is easier. My daughter would love this!

Sam [Crunchy Livin Mama Style] said...

How fun! I'm sure my son would love this and seems super easy. Will have to give it a try

Unknown said...

Yum!! I never thought to do this. What an awesome idea!!

TemporaryWaffle said...

These sound tasty! Surprised i never thought to make popcorn balls this way! Thanks for sharing!