Monday, October 7, 2013

Make It Monday: Marshmallow Jolly Time Popcorn Balls for Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it, the decorations, the costumes,
the TOTing, the parties and events, the season, the treats. Oooh! The treats! Instead of just having candy sitting out at your party or in your child's classroom (check with your teachers, many school require store bought treats now), try making a healthier alternative by making popcorn balls. Sure, this recipe uses marshmallows and a little butter and some candies or sprinkles (if you wish), but popcorn also provides dietary fiber and protein, both are which are missing in most candy. Or skip making popcorn altogether and pass out JOLLY TIME 100 Calorie Mini Bags, there are 4 in a box. I know I would love it if someone passed that out to my kids. The marshmallow pop corn balls in the recipe on the right is what I used to make these Halloween popcorn balls. I used the JOLLY TIME Butter Light with Smart Balance Microwave Bags to make these. If you are looking for a healthy popcorn ball recipe, then check out my Clean Eating Popcorn Ball Recipe that I also posted today!

Bit of trivia for you - JOLLY TIME is an independent and family-owned company and has been for nearly 100 years and the the FIRST ever branded popcorn. JOLLY TIME is an American company from Sioux City, Iowa.

If you are looking for other popcorn ball recipes, then try out this Caramel Corn Apples Recipe that was also provided by JOLLY TIME. Or check out the Easy Caramel Pop Corn Balls that are listed above with the Marshmallow Pop Corn Ball Recipe. Or try out my Homemade Microwave Caramel Corn Recipe too! Everyone loves my caramel corn!

I was gifted with JOLLY TIME popcorn and a popcorn ball maker to review on Save Green Being Green. No monetary compensation was received. All thoughts, opinions, photographs and the clean eating popcorn ball recipe are my own. 


Mama to 5 said...

I never knew they had a gadget to make those balls, that is cool! Thank you!

Vinma said...

Just in time for Halloween. Thanks so much! :)

Prototype mama said...

I just pinned this! We are trying these this weekend!

Megan said...

Oh fun!! I didn't know they even made a tool to make it easier!! :)

fuzzy48353 said...

Love the looks of these, I hope I can find one of those popcorn ball makers. Thanks.

fuzzy48353 said...

Love the looks of these, I hope I can find one of those popcorn ball makers. Thanks.

Julie said...

I love popcorn balls!