Friday, December 13, 2013

Fitness Friday: Take the RunnerBox Challenge

Runner tested. Runner approved.


             Mark your calendar!

12/16: Run an extra mile today!
12/17: Hold a plank for at least 30 seconds! 
12/18: Share a favorite motivational quote!
12/19: Workout with a friend today! 
12/20: Share your 2014 New Year's Resolutions!

Take a photo for "evidence" showing that you completed the challenge for the day, and share the photo on Twitter and/or Instagram! The top five participants will receive a FREE box from RunnerBox.

Use hash tags: #runnerbox #sweatpink and tag @FitApproach @runnerbox in all of your Instagram photos and Twitter posts. 

Use promo code SWTPNK13 for $2 off your first RunnerBox. 
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Mommy Pehpot said...

this is quite a challenge! I can't even run a mile haha

Unknown said...

Wow! That’s such a cool challenge. I gotta burn some calories. ^_^

mommy Peachy said...

This looks like something that will give me a jolt!