Sunday, December 8, 2013

Review: Advanced Auto Parts Monster Jam at the Metrodome

This was our second year attending Monster Jam as a family, actually -with the exception of my husband who has been to them before going with us, the kids and I have only been to one twice. This is the last time we will see Monster Jam in the Metrodome, in fact it is the last time we will ever be in the Metrodome. It was one of the last events to be held there before it is torn down to build a new stadium for the Vikings.

When I told my kids that we were going again this year, they were pretty excited. They really enjoyed it last year and even more so this year (with the exception of having to go half way around the building to find will call only to have to spend what seemed like an incredible amount of time in -2 weather to get tickets that were not waiting for me - I was eventually taken care of.)

We were seated on one of the ends so we could see the line of trucks down at the bottom pretty clearly. It's neat to see how they change the trucks from year to year. Here are pictures from last year's Monster Jam and you can see that the Batman truck is quite different this year, as are many of the others.

It is always fun to see them flying up in the air. And they do get so much air! I couldn't even imagine what it feels like to be flying through the air in one of those trucks.

 One of the evenings winners at Monster Jam! This truck looks the same as last year. Speaking of winners, the winner of the trophy last night gave it away to a fan, that was pretty neat. Plus at one point several drivers went up in to the stands and gave away souvenirs to fans, saw some on the upper deck where we were. The t-shirt rockets that were giving our free t-shirts didn't seem to get much further than the first few row of the lower deck. Of course, you can always go buy souvenirs. We bought our kids checkered flags. Guess who has been having raced around the house today.

 Another action in-the-air shot!

 Some Freesytle action by Grave Digger! The Freestyle competition was pretty cool! The crowd favorite is watching them flip their trucks and last right side up.

You can bet that the Hot Wheels truck was my son's favorite. Both of my kids were excited there was a Hot Wheels truck and couldn't wait to go home and play with their Monster Trucks. Hot Wheels makes it seem "official" to them. :)

Just a shot of a couple of trucks facing off against each other. And in the air, of course!

They had trailer races at last nights' event. Oh my! What a mess that make when nearly every trailer and it's load are destroyed as they race around and run in to each other and drive over whatever is in their way. This was a hoot to watch!

I wonder where Monster Jam will be next year in Minnesota.


Unknown said...

i wonder if they have this near us! i think my husband and the boys would LOVE seeing this, and it would be a fun "just the boys" date to let me nap ;)

Jamie Knupp said...

Wow this looks like so much fun! My little guy would go crazy over all the trucks

Unknown said...

My son has been counting down MONTHS until the show comes to Florida. He cannot wait to go!