Sunday, December 8, 2013

Make a Loom Knit Stuffed Bunny

This one I was totally winging it when I made it. I couldn't find a pattern and was really not sure what tools I would end up using and how much I needed to knit. So, what I can share with you is the picture of my finished product and tell you what I used to make each part, so that you can use my picture as inspiration and try to create your own. The pictures below will show what tools & yarn I used.

Pink Flat Loom - used to make the ears, I made this only on 3 pegs and decreased at end. You could choose to use pretty much any loom and cast on just 3 pegs.

Wonder Knitter - used to make the arms and leg, I used the larger yellow attachment, it stitches up thick and you do not need to stuff the limbs. The limbs and ears were hand stitched on to the body. I stitched the limbs on to place on the body before stuffing or adding the head.

Peach Flower Loom - used to make the head and body. Attach the ears before stuffing the head and attached the limbs to the body before stuffing.

This is all the yarn I used to make this stuffed bunny (I should have also taken a picture of the batting, but it's standard bag of batting). I used the white Bernat Baby yarn to make the majority of the rabbit, the pink and peach Bernat Baby was only used to make the mouth, the turquoise Bernat Softee was to make the eyes, and the Martha Stewart Roving Wool in pink was to fill in the ears.

I added a little pom pom tail. I just made this by wrapping the yarn around 2 fingers. I do have a small pom pom maker but I find it does not work as efficiently as using my fingers. My large pom pom maker is awesome though! I also thought adding a ribbon neck bow in the same color as the eyes would help make it pop.

Even though my son looks pretty happy holding this bunny (it's 10" from the seat to the tips of the ears), it is not for him but a gift for another child. I just wanted you to see the size.


mail4rosey said...

I bet those are as fun to make as they are to give. :)

Unknown said...

That is so cute! What a great gift!

Janna LAmison said...

Oh how cute! The boy and the bunny!!

Dede said...

That is adorable! I have never attempted a craft like this. Love that you're giving it as a gift. My kids would cherish something as sweet as a homemade bunny.

Unknown said...

This bunny is so cute. This is definitely the time of year to make a bunny and give as a gift. Thanks for the information.