Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Try It Tuesday: T-Shirt Super Hero Cape

This is one of the presents that my 7 year old daughter made for her brother for Christmas. I have the kids each make 2 gifts for each other. They like to be crafty and love to see how happy people are when they give them a gift they took the time to make.

This is a no-sew project, just cutting. So, be sure you are using sharp scissors. If they are dulling, they may not cut through the fabric very well and will be frustrating for them. 

After she was done cutting I let her use the permanent markers to draw a design and write on the back. I like to let me kids do as much of the work as possible so that they really feel this is something they made and they are learning new skills in the process.

These are the instructions I gave my daughter on cutting up one her her dad's old t-shirts (t-shirts work great because the jersey material won't fray, so no sewing is needed.)

  • Cut up the side seams and around the arm hold on both sides.
  • Next cut from around the outside of the collar in the front from shoulder to shoulder.
  • Finally, cut a diagonal line from about half way down (I put a dot there so she knew exactly where I meant) up to the collar on the backside. Do not cut through the collar. 
  • Discard the leftover pieces.

This picture here you can see how she is starting her diagonal cut.

Depending upon the age of the child you may want to do all the cutting and let them do the decorating. This is a fun way to create your own custom costume and possibly make someone a gift.


Unknown said...

Love the idea of home-make presents! We used to do this with our own kids, when they were younger. It's just something you would love to keep forever..

Karen Dawkins said...

LOVE the whole idea here -- great way to make inexpensive costumes!

One thing to make it safer, cut the collar down the front middle and add velcro to fasten. That way if your caped crusader gets hooked on a knob while flying through the house, he won't choke. (My DH is a doctor. Stranger things have happened.)

Unknown said...

THat is such a cute idea! I have to make one for my daughter.

Michelle F.

Lexie Lane said...

Oh! What a really great way to get them to be crafty! Very cute!

Unknown said...

This idea is great and maybe you can some head band too for the girls/

Bibiana Bailey said...

What a clever idea! My kids are forever trying to make capes from my sheets & tablecloth :)

Julie said...

How creative and easy to do!

auntietina said...

I love the idea of kids making gifts for each other, and this one is very creative!