Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thrifty Thursday: Tour de Fat Bike Tour

Coming up on Saturday, July 26th is the Tour de Fat sponsored by New Belgium Brewery. This bike tour (it's short, don't worry about it being a long strenuous event) has been on my "race" bucket list for quite a while now but I have had conflicting events the past couple years. They are touring to 10 different cities, including Minneapolis where we will be participating.

This event occurs in one month! So get it on your calendar now and get registered! It is FREE event, but they are collecting donations that benefit local Twin Cities non-profits. Proceeds from beer sales also benefit local non-profits. So, it's a feel good event!

The Tour de Fat is a family-friendly event. There is live music, dancing, interactive sculpture and performances. You can find out more information and the line up of performers by clicking on the city you want to attend on the Tour de Fat page.

As of right now, you have missed the tour in only Washington DC and Durham, NC. You can still make it to the tours in the Twin Cities; Boise, ID; Fort Collins, CO; Denver, CO; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; and Tempe, AZ.

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Michelle said...

It sounds like an interesting event. I wish there was one closer to us!