Friday, September 19, 2014

Fitness Friday: Custom Made Medal Hangers

I decided I was going to try my hand at making Custom Medal Hangers. I have acquired several medals myself and they have just been hanging out in a dresser drawer. I know I am not alone and that some of my friends are storing their medals in similar ways. My daughter has her swim and Tri ribbons and medals just hanging from her reading tent in her room and really wanted to have something more too. I am not completely finished making them all yet, but I can share this one that I have already given to a friend for her birthday present. I think the picture makes it hard to see exactly what the paint is like, but I painted a base coat of yellow on it then a coat of crackle medium and then a coat of gray. You can see the yellow through the crackle.

I enlisted the help of my husband and asked him to cut up a board I bought from Lowe's so that I could make 5 different Medal hangers, each one custom to the person I am giving it to (including myself.)

Here are a bunch of the other supplies I used including hooks, frog tape, scissors, letter stickers and iron-on letters.

I spray painted the base coats (2 coats of each) on the wood that I sanded.

Next I applied frog tape so that I could I could add a pattern detail to them board. My daughter wanted to help make them as well (since one was hers) and I put her in charge of painting the crackle on the ones that we were using it on and then painting the stripes on hers.

Here is what they looked like when I painted the colors over the frog tape (and crackle medium in some instances) . I don't want to spoil the rest and will share them with you another time, but for now you can enjoy the one I made for my friend Jennifer and imagine what the others ones look like. I will share the ones I made for myself and my daughter soon, but the other 2 are gifts for friends and they have not received them yet.


Unknown said...

i am a sucker for anything cute AND easy to create...great post! xo, jess @

Yona Williams said...

Those are soooo cute...and seem easy to make. My Mom swears by those hooks too, she says they are very sturdy - she uses them in the pantry.

Unknown said...

Love them! I have all of my old metals (pre knee surgery) in a box. This would be a way cute way to display them.

Jeanae said...

What a great idea, and it turned out so well!

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