Friday, August 28, 2015

Each Day Too Short...

I can't believe how fast summer has gone by. I know I had many more things I wanted to do and time has just escaped me. I love to experience my life and everything it has to offer. I have been trying to really reflect this summer on doing things that will result in some happiness and letting go of the things that take time away from pursuing. It is relationships and devoting time to those relationships that make me happy.

As you have probably have noticed, this summer my posts on this blog have been fewer and I have done a very limited number of reviews. I have decided I need to be very selective and evaluate whether I really need something or it will be something that will enhance my happiness through experiences within relationships. I don't want to own things just to collect them and so I have learned to do some letting go of this aspect of my blog. There still may be some, but I am being very selective. I have also decided to get back to more of why I started this blog,which is to empower and teach people. I blog because it makes me feel good to share with others, but it had become a chore and caused distress that I was putting upon myself. I don't need to see certain number in stats, I am releasing myself from that as well.

I am making time for the things that matter to me by releasing myself from those things that really do not and it is a journey to recognize which is which.

This is a picture I took on my last anniversary weekend with my husband when we went to the cabin and went on a guided muskie fishing trip in Northern Minnesota.

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