Friday, June 16, 2017

She Is..... Women in the Outdoors Weekend at Eagle Bluff

I believe I have talked about going to the She Is..... Women in the Outdoors Weekend at Eagle Bluff in Lanesboro, MN on this blog before. What maybe I haven't told you before is that this is an event that is open to any women that want to sign up and go to it. I have gone four years in a row now and plan to continue going. This weekend isn't advertised and only spread through word-of-mouth. I had found out about it from another friend who moved away before I could go with her for the first time but I went with the friend that had initially invited her and had been going since this weekend started almost 15 years ago. Over the last 4 years I have had a variety of friends who have joined us and have met a number of new people. Every year when you go there you see a lot of the same familiar faces. There is also a fall weekend, this is the spring one.

I have only ever gone to this spring event. It is held at Eagle Bluff in Lanesboro Minnesota and it is a wonderful facility. 

This year I took classes and beekeeping, rock climbing, Forest Fascination which is taught by a Native American Woman who is the plant lady for their tribe and teaches all of us about how the use all kinds of plants in nature whether it be for food or medicine and how they respect and give back to the Earth. Finally comma the fourth class I took was shotgun. This one was way out of my comfort zone but I wanted to experience it and ask lots of questions because my daughter will be going there for camp this summer for their firearm safety certification camp and we'll be firing both shotguns and rifles while she is there.
We do have a variety of other add-on classes that are optional to take in the evening or an optional Saturday morning yoga which that one I did take. Even though I would much rather sleep in, it feels really good to get up on Saturday morning and stretch everything out before we begin the day.
I can't begin to fully explain to you how empowering it feels to be at these classes. They instruct them in a way that everyone feels comfortable and explain how to do everything safely and correctly even if you have done it a hundred times. 
There is a variety of classes to sign up for this is what I got this year. So if you are reading this and this is something you are interested in then go to the Facebook page and request information so that you get on the email list. The date has been set for the fall weekend. I don't know that I can make it to that one as swim team short course meet season has started. And if you know me personally, let me know that you are interested and I will try to remember to send you the registration when we get it, usually the first week in February. I don't want to bother people about if they want to go or not. I know what kind of fun you are missing out on, but until you get there you don't know what you're missing. Plus it is probably the most reasonably cost women's weekend you will ever have. This year it was $195 for early registration and that includes all of my classes, all of the food, and lodging.

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