Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Faribault Water Park

I told getting season pass oftentimes other places like outdoor water parks have season passes as well. We do not have a season pass to this water park but I do like to be able to take the kids to a few different water parks to play throughout the summer.. this one in Faribault, MN is one that offers season passes. We went to this particular Waterpark for two reasons. The first reason is that our city pool didn't open up until the next day and it was 90 degrees out and we wanted to be wet. The second reason was that when I signed my kids up for the Faribault Public Library reading program they were each given a pass to go to this water park for free period so comma I only had to pay for my admission and snacks while we were there. They had a ton of fun and as it turned out there was several other families from swim team who were there to enjoy the day. It seems like all our little fishies want to be in the water as much as possible.

I wanted to make a couple of comments on the picture that you see above there for those that know us personally they may wonder what is going on in one of the pictures. My daughter has been wanting to hug her brother more often maybe because she wants hugs or maybe because she knows he doesn't want hugs and when I asked them to stand together closely so I could get a picture she took that opportunity to hug him and he was throwing his arms up in disbelief. Also you should look at my son's funky new goggles that he has to use at the water parks this summer. They are pretty creepy when they catch the sun right. These are the ones he will use for the summer at water parks and the outdoor pool, they have different goggles that they use for swim team.

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