Thursday, February 15, 2018

Harry Potter Golden Snitch Valentine Box

As promised on Tuesday here is the Valentine box that my daughter made for this year. It is her last year of elementary school so this will be her last Valentine Box.

She is a total potterhead so she opted to make a Harry Potter themed Valentine Box. She had several ideas but this was the one she finally settled on. If you remember reading about our problems with using a punch ball in the Pokeball post, we had the same issues but this didn't claps quite as far because it was smaller already.

To make the wings she taped cardboard from a 12 pack box and then paper mache paid the taped joint area. Then she paper mache paid over the entire Wings to add texture to them as well.

She decided to use a paste made of flour and water where as my son used liquid starch as his paste. The paste she made seem to shrink a bit more and made it more textured. But it did seem to be a thicker and sturdier project with less coats. The final coat she had to do with starch because she needed to have a smoother area in order to put the letters on.

The letters are made using my Silhouette machine using the font I bought from the silhouette design store called lightning.

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