Monday, February 19, 2018

RETIREment Gift Idea

Tonight I am giving this gift I made to someone in my book club that is retiring from her in job. I made the sign and other members of our club are buying something that fits each of those letters. We did have to double up on a few of the letters.

I am curious and excited to see what each person buys her that goes with each letter theme.

To make this wall hanging I had bought the pre-made wood hanging from Walmart and then made the letters on my Silhouette machine.

The word retire is one type of font and the adjoining letters are another font. I thought that added some more visual interest. Once I had got the words in place I put two coats of Modge Podge sealer over the top then I did two coats of acrylic high gloss clear paint, allowing it to dry in between each layer.

When it was all dry I glued into place with a hot glue gun, ribbon and flowers. Be sure to take all the plastic pieces out out from the flower so it will glue on flat and stay into place better.

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