Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Science Museum of MInnesota

As I mentioned last week when we had gone to the winter carnival we coupled it with a trip to the Science Museum of Minnesota.

We had renewed our membership and we're were excited to check out what was new and see a film at the Omni Theater.

Omnifest is actually going on so there is a variety of films to choose from some new and some older. We ended up seeing Rocky Mountain Express. Because we are members we are able to see a free movie each time we go and we can book our tickets online in advance for free. It used to not be free to book it online so I was happy that it was. With it being omnifest The movies do fill up quickly. When we arrived at the Museum there was a sign saying that the next show wasn't until later in the evening then we were seeing a show so I was very pleased we booked it in advance.

We spent most of our 4 hours there doing all the different special projects they had set up for the day. The Omni movie was 45 minutes long and we watched a couple 10-15 minute long presentations.

The picture above is of the frozen Mississippi River as seen in February from the top floor in the Science Museum.

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