Tuesday, April 20, 2010

#138 Homemade Bubbles

So, I didn't use "natural' dishwashing liquid for this project. I have tried making bubbles with Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid and it did not turn out. So, I used some cheap dollar store dishwashing liquid, some corn syrup, water, & glass jars. Here is the recipe:

Homemade Bubbles
1 qt. water
1/2 C dishwashing liquid
1/4 C corn syrup

Stir all together and pour into containers. Have fun!

It's that simple. I reused jars from pickles & peanut butter to put my bubbles in. These made really good bubbles too and I saved a lot of money. I made over a quart of bubbles for about 15 cents. I don't count the cost of my corn syrup because that just sits in my cupboard for the few times I use it each year (usually for caramel corn or some Christmas candies). Without adding in the cost of corn syrup, it will cost me $1.07 to make 7 quarts of bubbles. Compare that to the $4.28 I spent last year to buy a big container of bubbles, which is 4 quarts. So for the cost of buying 1 quart (out of the big bottle), you can make 7 quarts. If you add in the cost of the corn syrup, you are still looking at around $2 for 7 quarts.

I do have some plastic bubble containers that I will put bubbles in for her so that she doesn't accidentally break a jar outside, but if you don't have any plastic bubbles containers just save some plastic containers that have lids like from sour cream or a single serving juice container.

And if you have some kind of shallow dish or pan you can put bubbles in the bottom of that and make a big circle wand out of an old wire hanger so that you can make big bubbles. And you can use smaller wire that is easier to bend into small bubble wands. Be creative, look around your house and find things with "holes" in them that you can blow bubbles through.

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