Friday, April 23, 2010

#143 Homemade Natural Floor Wax

Ok, this one worked really well and was super easy. I made homemade hardwood floor wax for my dining room by mixing 1/4 Cup vinegar with 1/4 olive oil in a dressing mixer. Then I poured it on the floor (throughout the room) and slid across the floor with kitchen towels on my feet. After I was finished I asked my husband what he thought and he said the floor looked wet, like I had just mopped it. Woohoo! Success! The floor looks shiny & waxed. Now, I just need to do this to the rest of the rooms with hardwood floors in my house (which is pretty much the whole house.)


Janet said...

I have hardwood floors throughout my house and have never been able to get them sanded and refinished because of the severity of my asthma--no contractor has yet to agree to the risk involved. In 35 years of kids and dogs you can imagine what they look like! I use vinegar all the time, never thought of mixing with olive oil for the floor. How was the finish on your floor?

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Violet Nicholai said...

I have tile throughout our house, do you have any recommendations of making your own wax for tile? I love how the wax looks nice and shiny and that what I want, what I dislike about it is that I have to remove the old wax before putting new wax down, that is my dislike.