Friday, April 23, 2010

#145 Make Homemade Recycled Plant Markers

My daughter & I had a lot of fun making these. They were simple to make and we used items we already own and recycled juice & biscuit lids.

The supply list includes:
* Metal lids from juice & biscuit tubes
* Pictures of vegetables
* Scissors
* Glue Stick
* Clear Packing Tape
* Hot Glue Gun & Hot Glue
* Permanent Marker
* Popsicle Sticks

Cut out pictures of vegetables that you have planted. Use glue stick & adhere to one side of the metal lid. Write name of vegetable on lid on same side as picture, on the back side I wrote the # days for germination & harvest (ex: G - 7 days, H - 45-60 days). Then take a piece of clear packing tape and tape over picture to make it water proof. Finally place hot glue on one end of a popcicle stick (we had colorful ones & I thought my daughter would think that was fun) and press together. Let cool then place in garden.

And if you want to know how I also made this more of a learning activity, I had my daughter do sorting. The lids were of three different sizes, so she had to sort into the different sizes and then I also had her sort the pictures into piles of the same picture and then I would have her identify each vegetable. She got some some scissor skill practice, as well as gluing. She also would pick a color of stick that each vegetable got and made sure she had as many of each color as she had of pictures. Fun Times!

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Mom of Two said...


It rained last night & when I went outside & looked at them I saw the lids came off and the glue was still on the sticks. So, I removed the sticks and left the lids propped in the ground.