Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#140 Pinecone Bird Feeder

Today we picked up a couple of pinecones that were on the road and made them into bird feeders. This is a super inexpensive way to make a bird feeder and is an easy project for a preschooler (or anyone really!) to do.

Just take a pinecone and slather peanut butter on it and then either roll or pour bird seed on it. The bird seed will stick to the peanut butter. I had tied the pinecone by it's stem to some yarn so that we could easily hang it.

Since peanut butter is sometimes a pain in the butt to clean up & you also don't want to be sticking your knife back in the jar after it touches the pinecone, I suggest putting some peanut butter in a container (I used an empty single serve applesauce container) and a plastic knife (came from some takeout that I washed).

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