Monday, August 2, 2010

#154 Create a Fairy House

This was a fun afternoon project that I did with my daughter. She got to use her imagination and it cost us zero money. We made a fairy house/garden and tucked it underneath a lilac bush.

I was looking up ways to make her a fairy house to go with her fairies (see picture above, instructions to come after I finish making the last three) I made her that coordinate with the chapter books we are reading, and found that a true fairy garden is made with all natural materials (no glue, rope, etc.) and it tucked away under a tree, bush, etc to keep hidden and out of sight. So, I figured we would make a "real" fairy house outside in the garden and later (if she really wants one for inside) I can make one for her to play with her fairies in the house.

All I did was choose the location and gather some bark off of some logs. She gathered the rest of the supplies and created the layout for her fairy house. On the right is the living room with couch (made of a large brown leaf that is bent) with feathers to soften it and flower seed pods as pillows and a shell (brought from inside the house) with colored glass (ok, the one non-natural thing we used) to make a foot bath.

In the center of the room are stones to create a table & four chairs. On top of the table is acorn halves for cups, a couple raspberries and some mushrooms for food. And on the right side of the house is a bed made of long grasses and a long leaf for a pillow.

The house & the roof are constructed of tree bark leaning on each other (so a slight wind could probably destroy the whole thing, but then we just build it again.) She decorated the roof with flowers, pinecones, colored glass and colored stones to make the house look pretty for the fairies. And outside the left of the house (not in the picture) she has a large stone "for decoration" and a flag made out of a stick and large sunflower leaf.

And all this cost us was two more mosquito bites for my daughter and one more for me. Darn mosquitoes.

FYI - it's easy enough to figure out how I made the fairies, but I will post information on how I made these when I make the blue, indigo & violet fairies. Yes, we have a rainbow of fairies. ROYGBIV!

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Kirsi Ingram said...

You amaze me everyday!