Thursday, August 5, 2010

#155 Make Clothespin Fairies

So, this craft project was inspired by the recent change to our storytime with my daughter, which now involves reading chapter books. We are currently reading a series of 7 books about the Rainbow Fairies. We just finished reading "Fern, the Green Fairy". She absolutely loves these fairies, which makes me proud.

These are pretty simple to make. Start with some clothespins and paint them all your desired flesh color and paint on some eyes, a nose & a mouth. And then all I did was start looking around my craft room to find different materials & mediums to add clothes, hair, jewelry, & adornments to the fairies. And I used some leftover lace with sparkles in it to make the wings. And hot glue and a couple paint brushes were my best friends during this project.

It was easy to do and made a big impact on my daughter. And she has already asked me to make her some more when we start reading the series on the "Jewel Fairies". I told her I would make her one fairy using jewels and she would help me with that one, but we weren't going to make the whole set again.

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tirzahdawn said...

Thanks so much for you inspiraiton. My daughter too LOVES the rainbow fairies.