Monday, August 16, 2010

My "Green" Read List

As I am watching "Simpler Steps to a Greener Home" with Danny Seo on a DVD borrow from the library, I thought I would share what books I have recently checked out from the library that are "Green":

Eco Books: by Terry Taylor
Eco Craft: by Susan Wasinger

This is actually the 3rd time I have checked out the Eco Craft book, but I wanted to look through it again because my daughter and I just completed a craft from the book (which I will share with you soon) and I wanted to refresh my memory on what other ideas she had. There are some really great ideas in this book!

I am reading Green Guide for Artists right now and I might just have to go buy this book. She is sharing some wonderful ideas and recipes for creating your own art supplies (even professional).

The books on request that I have yet to obtain are:

Recycled Crafts Box: by Laura Martin

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