Thursday, August 26, 2010

#162 Make Recycled Crayons

Looks like this should be simple - right? Well, yes & no. It's not easy peeling off the paper on some of the crayons and so you end up digging in your thumb nail trying to get it. And if you have weak nails like I do, then you wreck your thumb nails and need to trim them afterwards.

So, basically what you do is peel the paper off of and break up the crayons and put them in some type of container that can go in the oven. I first used a silicone flower container. For the second set I used a mini muffin pan (sprayed with cooking spray). Bake at 275 degrees for 10-15 minutes. You will need to watch and they are done when all crayons have melted all the way. Take out & cool. You can place the container in the freezer to make them cool faster. Then remove cooled crayons.

Now, besides wrecking havoc on my nails, I am not sure how I am really going to get those containers clean. I think the mini-muffin pan can be saved, but I think the flower silicone container will now be a permanent recycled crayon maker.

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Rachel H said...

Recycled crayons ROCK! My toddler loves breaking & stripping the paper off so we have less prepping issues. The silicone baking sheets work great, but we invested in a Crayola crayon maker. Less fumes. lol.
My Hubs has used a boxcutter/knife to score the crayons for easier paper removal. I'm not that coordinated tho, lol.