Thursday, January 27, 2011

Week Three: Pantry Challenge

Oh, I am a bad blogger this week. I should have posted this on Monday, but didn't get around to it and then it slipped my mind.

We did good this week. Only $22 at the grocery store buying dairy products, fresh fruits & veggies & juice. Pretty much all the convenience foods are gone and I have been having to make all homemade meals.

Although, I have been really good and making meals with leftovers & eating all of them, just so I can cook a little less. Usually we good at eating leftovers, but sometimes we forget about them and then have to throw them away. Not right now, I remember the leftovers and they get eaten. Otherwise I have to figure out a meal to cook from scratch.

The other thing is that I have been remembering to take out previously made meals to thaw and cook. When I make a casserole, lasagna, chili or soup I usually try to make a double batch so I can throw one in the freezer to have a homemade meal at a later date with little prep work. This week we had chili & lasagna that were already made in the freezer. So, needless to say that my Tupperware collection in the cupboard is filling back up.


Christina said...

It sounds like you're doing great!

When I did our "No Eating Out Challenge," I was far more motivated to eat the leftovers!


I could probably last a few months on our pantry items. I'm working on using up some of the stuff we rarely use, like various flavors of chocolate chips.