Monday, January 17, 2011

Week Two Finished: Pantry Challenge

Well, week number two is finished. I did not purchase any items from the grocery store that were not listed in the Original Pantry Challenge post. But I did end up spending $43.22 on milk, cheese, juice, fruits & veggies. It was more than I intended but there was cheese on sale and thought I might as well buy a few in case it's not on sale this week. But since we average about $80 a week on groceries, this doesn't seem to bad.

And I bought the bulk of those groceries at the end of the week, so I shouldn't need to go too soon this week. Also, our paper with the grocery circulars was not delivered to us this weekend, so I have no idea who has what on sale, unless I go to their websites.

I do have to say, though, the grocery shopping like this felt like I was grocery shopping on a diet where you don't allow you to buy certain things. I don't really like that feeling of restriction. I also found myself frustrated that I couldn't stock up on on organic foods item that were on sale for a really good price. But I do like how quickly grocery shopping went since I avoided all of the aisles and there was essentially no label reading needed.

We did go out once this week for dinner as allowed. Although, this week I think we might end up at McDonald's since I was informed that the girl happy meal toy is My Little Ponies. I was told it started last week, but they were doing a "clean-up" week and getting rid of extras and it will start this Thursday. So, I bought myself some time and don't feel like I am going to have to compromise on our meal out as much. My Little Ponies are one of my daughter's favorite things in the world and I would like for her to be able to get a couple to add to her collection. When we go, I will ask for different ones in each of the kids Happy Meals so we can get them without having to go to McDs a whole bunch.

Another thing for this week is that my daughter and I made homemade granola bars, which are in the oven as we type.

To keep up with our pantry challenge, you can also read about Week One and see how that went.

I also wanted to make a point of clarification, that we will be doing a 4-week month. I figure it's just easier to to post about and figure out what I spent on groceries rather than trying to fit in an extra 2 days to make an average 30-day-month.

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