Friday, April 20, 2012

Fix It Friday: #FAIL

 This is not the post that I intended to write. It was supposed to be another tutorial type post. But when it came time for my finished reveal I saw that it was a flop. I could have easily forgotten about what happened and started a new project, but there have been several times I have tweeted about a #CraftFail and people wanted pictures.
 It started with these cream (at one time) colored chair covers that we have had for a couple years that with two young (& messy) children and their messy parents and messy friends, they have become quite stained.

This is one of them. I took this picture of one while I was tea dyeing another one.
 It all seemed to be going good while I boiled water and soaked the chair cover.

I have dyed clothes before and it turned out, but this time --

 The stains on the chair cover were amplified by the tea dyeing. It did not disguise them as I had hoped.
And these spots on the other side of the cover are caused from an air bubble that was inside the of the balled up chair cover. I had never had this happen before. Guess I have learned some valuable lessons with this failed project.

Now I have one stained brown chair cover and 3 cream stained chairs covers and I need to come up with a new solution for making my kitchen chairs more presentable.

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Cary said...

Oh! I did that with a slip once. Redid the dying with tea and got a nice mottled appearance.