Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Rolled Fabric Rosettes

Aren't these just beautiful! And they are simple to make - NO SEWING REQUIRED. You can even re-purpose some outfit that was maybe too small, had a stain or tear or use up some fabric scraps. Your rolled fabric rosettes could turnout different depending upon the technique you used. I made them using this other technique last year, but this time I was going for a different look to the fabric. Read below for instructions on how to make this particular rolled fabric rosette.

I made the zebra print rolled rosette headband for a gift for my daughter's friend and a matching dress for her American Girl doll. I have also made my daughter the same set, as well as plan to make her a matching dress for her birthday.

I made this one as an option to wear in her hair for her next dance recital or to her uncle's wedding reception, both  occasions she is wearing a black outfit for. I did make another hairpiece option that I will show you how to make another week.


These are the supplies I used to make the Zebra Print Rolled Rosettes. Strips of Fabric (length depends how large you want your rosettes to be, these were about 18"), a felt circle, a headband, scissors, hot glue gun  glue & ribbon.
Pull the fabric tight from end to end and twist to make a tube. Then begin rolling from one end until you  get to your desired sized rosette. You can always stop rolling and cut off the rest of the fabric once you achieve your desired size. I place a dot of hot glue every couple inches as I roll to help hold it together.
This is an example of what the rolled rosette looks like close up. You could make this as large or as small as you wanted to.
Hot glue flowers on to felt. Trim around so that you do not see excess felt. Glue headband on to felt. Cut another piece of felt about the same size. Apply hot glue over that and place it over the top of the headband and first piece of felt.
Two finished Zebra Print Rolled Fabric Rosettes. I added a red ribbon bow to give it  a splash of color and coordinate with the doll dress. It's so fun for little girls to having items to make their dolls look like them!


Christina said...

So cute! It reminds me of when some co-workers of mine threw me a bridal shower. One of them had used this technique to create a corsage for me. When I unwrapped it, it was a pretty little camisole and panties. I also did something kind of like this with baby socks for a friend's baby shower. I made little rosettes for the table center pieces, and when the shower was over she had lots of socks!

anastaciagrace said...

Too cute! I can't wait to try this!

Rose Powell said...

I paid good money to have these made for me, is it difficult really?

Mom of Two said...

Rose - they are pretty simple really. It would be even easier if I had a third hand, but after you make a couple you figure out how it works for you ro told & twist. And hot glue is your best friend. I little dab here & there as you roll it up and it will easily stay together.

Susan said...

Definitely something I plan to try. My daughter has been borrowing her friend's flower headband, so I was going to look for one for her to have. Why buy when I can make one? Thank you!