Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Twirly Doll Skirt for an 18" Doll

I first need to say, I do not have master-level sewing skills. I know enough to get by and follow most patterns. So, please hold off on critiquing my tutorial. I took the pick below of the "pattern" I drew to make these skirt for my daughter's American Girl doll (& one for her friend too).

This was a free hand drawing based on the skirt pattern (but scaled down) I used to make my daughter's twirly skirt. I put the rulers on so you could see the measurements I used at the widest parts (5" and 10" if you have a hard time reading the numbers on the ruler). Now, you can draw out your own pattern.

Be sure to note that one side is placed on the fold and you are cutting 2 pieces. It seems like a lot of fabric, but it's a twirly skirt, so you need lots of fabric to drape and twirl up.

Stitching instructions: Pin right sides together. Stitch side seams with 1/2" seam. 
Fold/Iron/Pin 1/4" hem around the bottom of the skirt. Stitch (I did a zigzag stitch to add some interest.)
Fold/Iron/Pin 1/2" seam around the waist and stitch as close to the edge as possible (so that you are leaving room for elastic. Leave 1/2" space open at the end. Work beading elastic cord through the waist (to determine the length needed, measure around the waist and subtract 1" and cut that much elastic.). Stitch last 1/2" space closed.
Hand stitch on a bow in the front, if desired.

If you want to make a matching girls twirly dress like this, I used Simplicity Pattern 2356. There were 5 different types of twirly skirt patterns included in that pattern packet.

I made my daughter and her friend matching folded flower headbands (tutorial for that to come at a later date.)

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Chris Jeffery said...

Your daughter looks quite happy now that she and her “friend” have the same dress. I remember my daughter when she received her American Girl doll which we gave to her on Christmas day. She was very happy and kept thanking us for the gift. And as a bonus, we treated her to some doll-clothes shopping to complete the look of her doll.