Friday, April 13, 2012

Host a Bee-u-tiful Playdate

My inspiration for hosting a BEE Themed playdate came from my son's recent obsession with the book A Hunny, Funny, Sunny Day! by Bruce Talkington. So, of course that was one of the books that we read. We also read Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! by Bob Barner.

We had toast with butter and honey on it as a snack. It provided a good opportunity to talk about bee hives, making honey and pollination.

The boys made rolled beeswax candles and we were able to talk to them about the purpose of beeswax and the shape associated with a honeycomb. These come as sheets and you simply roll or fold and press, very easy for a toddler/preschool to do with some help.

One of our activities was to paint a beehive and then made fingerprint bees.
Had the rain not washed it away , this would have greeted our friends in our driveway.  But it was a good jumping off point the evening before to start talking to my son about bees, so that bees were on his brain.

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Marthalynn said...

What a cute idea! I love your sidewalk chalk art! I am pinning this so I can do this with my son. He loves bees and making buzzing noises.