Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Try-It Tuesday: Easy Furry Dog Toddler Craft

This is a fun easy craft project to make with your toddler. I have minimal drawing skills, but you are welcome to print off the dog picture that I drew below, or draw one of your own.
So, all I did was draw out the dog picture, but you could make it a cat or any other type of furry animal.
 I just gathered a bunch of yarn scraps that I cut up to a "shaggy" length, some buttons to use for spots, some googly eyes and a button nose and a heart sticker (not pictured) for the mouth, and some glue.
 I applied glue over the entire project (within the drawing of the dog, except for the eyes, nose & mouth) and let my son fill in with yarn. He tended to like to apply the yarn in the same area. Then I put glue on the face for the nose & eyes and had him apply those and the heart sticker mouth . Next he would show me where he wanted to put the "spots" and then I put glue in those locations and he put the buttons on.

He was very proud of his project and his doggie (he just loves animals, so I knew this craft project would be a hit with him) and couldn't wait to hang it up.


Tru said...

Looks very cute, but Grandpa wants to know what he named it.

Anonymous said...

Love that idea! A must do in my classroom. Thanks!