Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Introducing Beth Hart and a FREE Download of Her New EP

L.A.'s Beth Hart is back with a new EP entitled Introducing. If you've seen Beth perform or listened to one of her albums, you know that she is a powerful performer. Download the single "Good As It Gets" below. 
Beth live
Beth sings from the depth of her soul, and her voice tells you stories and paints pictures that come from her life and experience. Beth states that "at times, I've been really down in my life, but you know, once you deal with it and make sense out of it, it gives you tremendous power'. Beth's songs emotionally resonate and create a shared experience with her audience.
Beth has had tremendous success in the UK and Europe. Her singles "LA Song (Out Of This Town)", "Leave The Light On", "Take It Easy On Me", "Sister Heroine", "I'll Take Care Of You and "Your Heart Is As Black As Night" (both with Joe Bonamassa) and of course "Good As It Gets" have all had major success.
Please enjoy, "Good As It Gets" and the rest of the ep.

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