Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Dollar Store Workbooks

Help your kids out and prevent some of that loss of reading/math/etc skills that is lost over the summer months and pick up some workbooks. Sure, you can spend more money and buy some online or spend money on ink to print of sheets, or you can just run to the Dollar Store and pick up some workbooks. The only catch is that I have not seen any about Grade 3 & 4 (I did pick up some preschool ones for my son too.)

I also picked up a couple of books with science facts in them (animals & space) to read segments to my daughter. These were from the dollar store as well.

The other packets & reading chart came from her soon-to-be 1st grade teacher to work on over the summer.

We had been sent home a brochure to order a Time for Kids workbook (which included a "free" magazine subscription) that was about $15 and included enough pages equivalent to only 1 -2 of these workbooks. I didn't need the magazine subscription and knew $15 was kinda spendy for the workbook, so I went in search at the dollar store since I had seen some there before.

Also, someone had come around trying to sell educational books similar to the ones I picked up from the dollar store. The ones that were thinner like these hardcover ones were $10, whereas I paid $1.

I bought 6 workbooks (she already finished one after only a few days out from school, my little eager beaver, even though I told her my expectation was to finish 3 this summer) and 2 hardcover science books for $8, whereas it would have cost me $25 to get the equivalent of 2 workbooks & 2 science books.


MomofTwo said...

We even have one along with us on vacation right now and she is filling it in as I type.

Anonymous said...

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