Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Re-Usable Bottles

Invest in some quality (or at least enjoyable bottles) that you can fill and re-fill for years with water and other beverages. I prefer stainless steel bottles, but my kids did manage to twist my arm  to purchase them these bottles to use on our recent vacation. I made sure the plastic bottles said they BPA-free. And knowing that they had picked out the bottles with their favorite characters were a sure way to know that they were going use & re-use them.

The most expensive bottle here was about $10, whereas the cheapest (the BPA-Free plastic ones) were $2. A bottle of water at the airport, amusement park, zoo, or anywhere else we were on our trip would have cost more than one of these reusable bottles.

I frequently have a bottle of water wherever we go because it cheaper and encourages us to drink more water.

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