Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Try It Tuesday: Solar Prints

Assorted spoons left in the sun for 2 hours on black paper

Sun Prints1 piece of construction paper
various items that will lay flat on paper

Lay items on top of contruction paper (darker colors work best) for 1-4 hours. Remove items and see the prints left behind. Talk about how the UV rays from the sun cause a chemical reaction in which the dye in the paper breaks down and causes it to fade in the spots that were not colored.

We taped the paper to the table to keep from blowing away as there was a slight breeze this day.

Choose items that are heavy enough, some of them did blow  off  during the 2 hours  they were setting out.

All the prints with items removed.

This was a  plastic dinosaur & a fish sand mold (that blew in to a different position than we had originally laid it in.)

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