Friday, September 13, 2013

Fitness Friday: Warrior Dash II in Hugo, MN

This was actually my second time doing the Warrior Dash, but my first time at this location. Last week I had posted about being a sweaty warrior and mentioned by costume (you can see it better below). Last year I ran the Warrior Dash I in Afton. Warrior Dash II was in Hugo. Minnesota must love their mud runs because we have 2 Warrior Dashes and a whole slew of other kinds of mud runs, which I have yet to try.

Pretty happy to find out that I finished 81st in my age group (30-39) out of 1168 women. That puts me in the top 7% for my age group! Overall, my place was 226 out of all women who participated.

So, with these two pictures (above and below) you can get a better idea of our costume theme. We were Cruella Deville and Dalmations. I am a total sucker for dressing up for anything, races or whatever. Dressing up is just fun and I love Halloween! It's probably why my kids have such a HUGE costume stash and it just gets bigger whenever I run a race and have some costume pieces to add to it, although when I ran Scare in the Bear I did get to borrow from their stash.

My tutu and top didn't make it home though, just the ears headband which I took off before running. I did run in the tutu and that was intact and repelling mud pretty well until I had to go through the last big mud pit and then my tutu was pretty much toast.

LOL! Don't let this sad little puppy face think I will be all sweet on the course because I am sure I passed many of you in my heat. I ran the whole thing and wasn't going to slow down. It was a race afterall!

My friends Caitlin and Amber as we show off our muddiness! Oh, we did need to wipe the mud from our faces before the picture. I stayed relatively clean until that last mud pit.

It was such a fun race. I really liked the obstacles. Several of them were the same as last year's race. I would totally do this race location again. I liked that this race was fall, although we did hit low 90s later in the day. The other Warrior Dash hit upper 90s but it was summer so at 8am it was hotter already than it was at 9:15 for this one. Also, I liked that it was a relatively flat course, which made it more possible to run the whole thing and do the obstacles. This courses was 3.2 miles with 12 obstacles and the other one was 3.1 with 11 obstacles. The obstacles is what makes it more fun! Although, I admit that when I looked at them before the race my heart started racing from excitement and anxiety, but I remember from last year they were easier to do than I thought from looking at the pictures.

Oh! And I love the medal from this Warrior Dash! It's also a bottle opener! Not sure that I will actually use it, but I love the dual purpose feature. Now that I have 3 medals sitting in my drawer, I think I might need to get crafty and make some sort of display and put them on display in my home gym.


Mama on a Green Mission said...

Looks like so much fun! I haven't ran since having kids...I miss it so much!

Prototype mama said...

I've always wanted to do the Warrior Dash-- it looks so fun! I love those costumes!

Sarah said...

Warrior dash!! This is awesome! I hope to be in good enough shape to complete my first one in 2014!

Julie said...

Love the pictures! I've never done a warrior dash - maybe I'll have to try one some year!

Mandy said...

Want to do this someday!