Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Try It Tuesday: The Best Homemade Bubble Recipe EVER!

This recipe is simple and uses 3 ingredients and it's CHEAP! First off you need dishwashing liquid. Don't use the nice natural vegetable based kind, that does not work well at all to make good bubbles to blow, believe me, I've tried. I want to be eco-conscious but there is just some things it doesn't work for. So, go to the Dollar Store and buy a big bottle, this is going to last you a long time too. Next, go grab the corn syrup from your pantry and head to the kitchen. The corn syrup really is the secret ingredient!

Homemade Bubbles

1 qt. water
1/2 C dishwashing liquid
1/4 C corn syrup

Stir all together and pour into containers. Have fun!

I have been re-using the same glass jars year after year to hold my bubbles in and to store all our bubble wands, but you can use whatever container you have or a plastic one if you are afraid of glass breaking.

If you have some kind of shallow dish or pan you can put bubbles in the bottom of that and make a big circle wand out of an old wire hanger so that you can make big bubbles. And you can use smaller wire that is easier to bend into small bubble wands. Be creative, look around your house and find things with "holes" in them that you can blow bubbles through.


AlannaB said...

Thank you for the recipe! I didn't think I have ever seen corn syrup for sale anywhere...or maybe I just never had a reason to look for it. Can't wait to try this with my boys!

Sarah said...

Home made bubbles!!! This is great! I have been searching for a recipe like this for a while!

Jessica said...

Corn syrup should be in the baking aisle. Aldis does carry it as a "seasonal" item around the winter holidays.

Missy Homemaker said...

I've never seen a bubble recipe using corn syrup. This is awesome! My kids and I will be trying this very soon!
You can find corn syrup by the maple syrup at most grocery stores.

Jessica said...

I've never thought about using corn starch in bubble before. Sounds great!

chappymom said...

Not corn starch. Corn syrup and it is found in the baking isle in any grocery store. This recipe is awesome. My 5 year old loves it, because he can have bubbles basically any time because these are all things that are usually found in a normal kitchen. Can't get any more convenient than that.