Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Cooking Classes at Lunds and Byerly's

Have you ever wanted to try a cooking class but the cost was off-putting or not in your budget? Lunds and Byerlys grocery stores across the metro offer cooking classes for $15, but you get a $10 gift card to Lunds/Byerlys to use after the class. So, your class is really only $5. That sounds like a bargain to me!

They offer a variety of classes and I noticed (at the time of my writing) that there is still room in the classes this weekend that include:

Or perhaps one next week called Gluten Free Club Sunday Dinner. I was looking at a few others I found interesting called: Oktoberfest, The Butcher and The Boar, and The New Midwestern Table that were all sadly already full. So, don't wait if you find a class you are interested in. Get signed up! Now that I found out about these awesome sounding classes, I can't wait to schedule a MNO to go try one out!


Kelly said...

Ooh, sounds fun!

Mommy K said...

A cooking class is fun! I enrolled on a cooking class before but that was just an online course.

Motherhood on the Rocks said...

Fun! I'd love to take a cooking class!

Unknown said...

I've never thought of taking a cooking class....but I could really use it!