Monday, November 25, 2013

Review: Lancome DreamTone

I had the opportunity to review Lancome Dream Tone through She Speaks Up. I seems like I am in the target age demographic for reviews of moisturizers and skin color correctors and wrinkle creams. I am old enough that I am noticing changes to the skin on my face and eager enough to want to do something about it. And if Nora Ephron is right (in her book I Feel Bad About My Neck: And Other Thoughts on Being a Woman), when I turn 43 my facial problems head south and just get worse.

Actually, I think I have pretty good skin for my age and is relatively blemish free (except those couple of pimples I get that time of the month) when I have baggy eye issues (today's picture below shows I am having a good eye day, although I am afraid as I get older the baggie eyes will get worse - hey! If anyone has a baggie eye solution they want me to review, I am totally your demographic and am eager.)

The timing was off on this review for me. It was really hard for me to tell if it corrected my coloring and tone because my summer tan was fading and it pretty much faded now. I might have to do a follow up review for you because now that I am back to a pasty white (yes, it will only get worse through our MN winter) I will notice any imperfections in tone and dark spots in my skin. So, as much as I would love to tell you this product delivered as promised, I can't say that yet.

What I can tell you is that it was a good moisturizer. It absorbed quickly and covered evenly. This is going to be a good moisturizer for me to use this winter. In the summer I tend to look for things with an spf so I have sun protection, but in the winter I do  not need that as I am not outside as much and when I am there isn't much not covered on my body (sometimes I wonder why we still live in MN, but I will totally change my mind as soon as there is enough snow on the ground to start enjoying winter sports.)

The lotion does have a pink tint to it (mine is for fair skin) so the coloring in it leads me to believe it will correct tone. And because it is winter in MN, my skin is drying and so I did immediately see the dryness diappear and give my skin a glowful (I'm making that a word!) appearance. Like I said, I will continue to use the product because it is working as a great moisturizer and I will see if it it follows through on it's color correction claims now that I am back to a pasty shade. If I do see that it works, I would them contemplate the $98 price tag, which is a little steep for me. 


Unknown said...

Wish my skin looked as good! You are glowing!

Bianca @ The Pierogie Mama said...

I agree with the comment above, your skin looks great!

Unknown said...

Oh how I do not miss MN winters! This does sound like a great moisturizer though and even in the AZ desert, that is something we need!

alwaysblabbing said...

You skin is glowing! I loved this product