Tuesday, February 3, 2015

#ad Review: BrightBulb Dimmable LED Bulb

My Thoughts:

We have converted most of the lights in our house over to CFL over the years and a few LEDs. There was a couple lights we had not changed over yet because of the dimmer on the light switch. The CFL would flicker and I was hoping that this LED would be just the light I was looking for and it is. The BrightBulb LED evenly dims as I use the dimmer switch. It even seems to be brighter than the other CFL bulbs in the same fixture that are the same 13w (see the picture below). I have been quite happy with it and look forward to it lasting a long time, otherwise if it doesn't I am comforted to know there is a lifetime guarantee. The price is higher than I normally would pay for a bulb, although I am unsure what exactly the "lifetime" is of this bulb.

Product Description from BrightBulb LED:

The Only *Dimmable* LED Light Bulb with a 100% Lifetime GuaranteeIn a recent Washington Post article, the author tested different LED light bulbs against incandescent bulbs. Her comment when she was done? "I came to prefer the LEDs to the old-style bulb." There's no question that LED lights are going to take over because they are better, cheaper and last longer than incandescent and fluorescent lights. But many of the early LEDs had issues with buzzing, delayed brightness and more.

Brilliant Instant-On Light
The most frequent comments from customers: How pleasantly brilliant the light is and that they see full illumination immediately. Many ordinary LEDs seem dim or cast a strange hue, and could take 10 to 30 seconds to reach full brightness. Not these! With a CRI of 85, you'll love the cool, but bright "daylight" light that shines in every room the second you flip the switch.

I was sent the above product for the purpose of review on this blog. All thoughts and opinions and photographs are my own. No monetary compensation was received.


tara pittman said...

I like that it is able to be dimmed. We need this for our living room

Patricia said...

I use these lightbulbs and love that they are ecofriendly. We use dimming lights in our dining room.

Stacy Tilton said...

Thanks, I've been looking for one for my ceiling fan that's dimmable! Perfect find for me!

Jamie Tomkins said...

How fun - I love the new kinds that they are coming out with!! We have dimmers in the kitchen and living room, so I'll have to check these out! :)