Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wordless Wednesday: Darn Near Full Moon Family Event

Since this is a Wordless Wednesday post, I am not going to go in to a long post. I just want to say that my family and I had a fun time at this Darn Near Full Moon Family Event, which was a FREE event put on my Owatonna Park & Recreation. We pretty much did everything they were offering that included:

  • Ice Skating
  • Storytime Trail to read "The Mitten"
  • Berenstain Bears Movie (indoors) with hot cocoa and cookies
  • Bonfire with hot dogs (outside)


Blushing Noir said...

How awesome that it's free! I wish my community did things like this.

Patricia said...

This is such a great community event. I think more communities should do things like that.

tara pittman said...

I have family that lives in owatntona. Very cool event.

Jamie Tomkins said...

How fun - any time spent with family is such a great time!! Love the pic!

Mom of Two said...

Really Tara?!?! That is so neat. Can't believe what a small world we live in. Aren't you in TX?