Monday, February 23, 2015

Easy Clean Eating Strawberry Sauce

This clean eating strawberry sauce is the perfect way to top these Clean Eating Oat Protein Waffles or to stir in your homemade yogurt or plain greek yogurt.

Clean Eating Strawberry Sauce

2 tsp. water
1 lb. strawberries
2 tsp. stevia

Over medium-low heat  on the stove top simmer water and strawberries. Strawberries will release liquid as cooked. When strawberries are cooked through and soft, mash with a potato masher. Remove from heat and stir in stevia.


Jamie Tomkins said...

YUM!! That looks so good - do you have any leftovers!! ha/ha Pinned it!

Yona Williams said...

This looks delicious, and would make vanilla ice cream even tastier. That's how I would use it.

Jolleen Ruiz said...

That looks yummy! My kids LOVE strawberries on waffles. I'm going to have to try this soon!

tara pittman said...

Strawberries are on sale this week. I need to make this.

Patricia said...

Very nice simple sauce. I love the recipe. I am going to try it.

Julie said...

Yummy! This is a favorite breakfast of ours on Sundays!

Parris S. said...

Yummy! Anything strawberry is a winner in our house. Definitely will try this. Quick and simple! The perfect kind of recipe.