Monday, February 9, 2015

10 Tips to a More Successful Disney Trip

1) Carry in a cooler with beverages and food, they allow carry-ins. It will save you a lot of money. 

2) Rent a stroller, even if your kids are too big to ride in it because about halfway through the day they will want to ride in it and you have some place to store your coolers. The money you pay on a stroller to cart around your cooler and tired kids will save you money from having to stop and buy food & snacks all over the place. 

 3) Discuss in advance of going what you want to use your Fast Passes on - See some of the Disney Characters and Disney Park Rides we chose to go on.

 4) Do get a treat while you are there & I suggest the Dole Whip place. It's a pretty big serving size and reasonably priced for Disney

5) Buy trinkets & souvenirs BEFORE you go there. Dollar Tree sells lots of Disney items. You will save money and hopefully your kids will already understand you already bought them souvenirs. Or Make Your Own Disney Souvenirs.

6) Decide if multiple days and Disney parks fits how your family liked to travel. We decided one day at Disney was enough for us and spent a lot of time at various Florida State Parks and the beach, which fit our interest more.

7) Get them excited about the trip and come up with a fun way. I made a Disney Mad-Lids for my daughter and Surprise Paint for my son. I think my kids liked watching their  Disney reveal videos even more than finding it out.

8) Save the shows for the later part of the day when people get tired of walking and standing, although you will have to walk/stand to get in to the shows. 

9) Check out the weather in advance look at the radar. Choose a day that looks like it is rain-free, be flexible if you can. But bring an umbrella even if their is a small chance, you can store it in the stroller.

10) Bring along sunscreen and sunglasses. You are outside in the sun all day and will fry if you don't and it can be quite expensive to buy it there.


Jamie Tomkins said...

...and #11) Take out a loan!! ha/ha Great tips, I just wish that place wasn't so expensive. :p Love the pictures!

Mom of Two said...

Which is why there is #6, where we decided one day was enough for us.

Cali Julz said...

Having a plan for sure, and SUNSCREEN!! lol

tara pittman said...

I love Disney but planing ahead is a great idea. Bring water bottles.