Monday, November 14, 2016

Review: #PortableBluetoothSpeakers by Ancord

This is a rare times when I am reviewing a product that is the second time I have purchased it. This is the Ancord Portable Bluetooth Speaker. We already own this same outdoor speaker, same color even but it does come in a couple other colors. We got this speaker the first time to use outdoors around our camp fire at our cabin. I love the idea that it was portable and durable and waterproof and shockproof and many more features. This speaker in particular has a rechargeable battery with up to a 12 hour battery life which is a lot longer than a lot of the other outdoor portable speakers out there.

My husband told me that he would love to have the exact speaker or something similar to it to use at home when he is working outside. So I started researching different types of speakers but nothing had the combination of everything I wanted like this one does. What I wanted was a waterproof, shock proof, long battery life, and and FM tuner on it as well. And rechargeable battery.

It seems like many other speakers have some of these qualities but not all of them together. When I say shockproof what it means is that it has a rugged case and if you were to drop it from a reasonable distance it is not going to break. We aren't throwing the speaker around but I wanted to not have to worry if it gets knocked off a table outside on to the cement or something else.

The FM tuner is a wonderful feature in case of emergency. When you don't have electricity because the power went out during the storm and you don't want to drain your cell phone battery having a battery operated radio is a good thing to have. And you also don't want to run out of battery while you are waiting out a storm so the longer the battery life the better.

When I had the opportunity to review this product I jumped on it because my husband added it to his Christmas wish list, so hopefully he skims past this post on my social media sites :-)

I did receive this at a deep discount (not free) in order to review it. All thoughts, opinions and photographs are my own. No monetary compensation was received.

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