Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Deep Sea Fishing in Florida

Oh don't let these happy smiling pictures of me for you. These were taken on the boat before we even started moving. My husband was gracious enough not to take any pictures of me during the majority of our for our deep sea fishing trip. Within minutes of leaving the harbor the sun went away and the rain started. And the rain pretty much continued the entire for hours we were out there.

Following the instructions of our tour operators I had taken anti nausea medication the night before and the morning of, but apparently that was not good enough. As soon as we stopped the boat and they started getting everything ready to do kite fishing I started puking. I had only had an orange and coffee so there wasn't too much to come up.

So as you can imagine it wasn't exactly a fun trip for me when I ended up having dry heaving episodes three different times. When the third episode happened the two operators decided it was finally time to go enjoy to do fishing. They had not caught anything yet.

I then sat on a bean bag chair and covered myself with my jacket and a rain jacket so that they could keep fishing and I would hopefully start to feel better on this very expensive fishing trip. After three hours I finally Rose from the bean bag and felt somewhat better but they had not caught anything nor had they really even seen anything at all.

It literally was the last 10 minutes of the trip that my husband happened to spot this fish in the water and pointed it out to one of the fishermen and they got set up with the right bait to catch this tripletail fish.

This was one of just a few fish that are in Shore that are edible. The restaurant in the marina will cook up your fish for you and serve it with a bunch of size for a nominal charge. The fisherman full 8-hour fish and we brought it to the restaurant and they kept it in their cooler for us until we came to eat later on in the evening when I felt better and was no longer soaked to the bone.

The fish tasted very good but I don't think I will be doing any deep sea fishing anytime soon. We had thought about doing some fishing with the kids when we take them on a trip this winter but I think we will do inshore fishing as suggested by the fishermen there.

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