Monday, March 26, 2018

DIY "I FLY! What's Your Super Power?" Sweatshirt

 My daughter used to have a t-shirt with the same saying that has now been relegated to her cabin clothes. When she got that one I had purchased it as I didn't have the silhouette machine previously to make one.

But now I found a need to make it again for her. At school they are having a superhero day and at her age in elementary in elementary school, being the oldest grade, actually dressing up like a superhero is a little silly. This will be her take on the day.

Plus, she does swim butterfly stroke rather well and looks so strong when she swims Fly.

For the font I used a font called tinsel from the silhouette design store. I find that I would much rather spend money buying new fonts from there then trying to find clipart that I have to edit around the font. Font can be really tricky to work with and be very time-consuming if you don't have a pre-loaded font. Pictures are a different story and I will find clipart that I can download for free or purchase to use and sometimes buy them from the silhouette design store.

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