Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Devil's Tower in Wyoming

At the end of our road trip this fall we did individual surveys to see what two places each one of us like the best. Devil's Tower in Wyoming was the number one place for all four of us which wasn't too much of a surprise because we had a lot of fun hiking around and exploring there.

The top picture is of Devil's Tower before we reached it. I thought that this image I was seen from the side of the road look like a postcard.
This next picture is of a picture of the legend, or one of many different Legends, of how Devil's Tower was formed.

Next we have a couple of pictures closer, when we were at the National Monument site. Devils Tower is a national monument and your national parks pass Works to get you in here as well.
We had the most incredible looking Sky while we were there to take pictures. I felt lucky that we had such blue skies with wisps of clouds. It really helped add to the contrast between the rocks and the sky.
Trying to take our own family photo at Devil's Tower. Again we had asked someone to take a picture and they took two, one of had all of us in it but didn't have all of Devils Tower which defeated the purpose and the other picture was out of focus.

A zoomed-in picture to see what the crevices look like in Devils Tower.

A couple of pictures of the kids hiking among the rocks and between the rocks at Devil's Tower. At one point we had to hurry them along because we needed to get going before it got too dark so that we could see some other things on the way home in Spearfish Canyon. If I would have known they would wanted to spend so much time hiking on the Rocks I would have budgeted even more time there.
There were so many places to climb and rocks to go underneath to explore.
We were mesmerised by the prairie dogs that lived in their own village outside of Devil's Tower National Monument. They are quite fascinating to watch. We got our fill of watching them here and then when we made our way to Custer State Park we spend more time looking for other animals rather than the prairie dogs that were everywhere there too.

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