Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Mount Rushmore

From our house to Mount Rushmore it is probably about A 7 hour drive straight through. Although we didn't drive straight through, we stayed over in Sioux Falls South Dakota on the first night and then made our way to Rapid City South Dakota.

Being one state over you would think we may have visited this prior to this but there is a lot of nothing to look at during that 7 hour drive the really interesting part of South Dakota doesn't happen until you are in the 60 miles on the western side of the state.

It seems that thanks to Facebook a lot of people are visiting Mount Rushmore. I am not sure if there is that many more visitors or I am just made more aware of it because people are posting their vacations on that social media outlet.

My kids had 3 days off from school before the weekend for a fall vacation and we were going to take advantage of five days in a row when it was pretty nice weather to make this road trip.

Usually the one complaint I have heard from people who make this road trip in the summer is that it is really hot and really busy, I guess that's two complaints. My Hope Was That by going in the fall we would be past the hot weather and it would not be very busy. Both of my assumptions were correct and we were very happy that we went during the fall. Although going during the fall there are some things that are not open that are only open during the summer but everything we wanted to see including Mount Rushmore, the Badlands, Devil's Tower, and Custer State Park were all open. Plus there were several other things we saw as well.

Trying our best to get a family picture at Mount Rushmore. Someone did offer to take our picture but it seems every time someone does they can't seem to figure to get all of us in the picture and keep it in focus.

Below are some pictures that I zoomed in so that we could see greater detail on each of the president's faces.

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