Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Where Did We Go Wednesday? Death Valley, California

This was our unexpected find on our trip 2 Nevada, California, and Arizona. We knew we were going there but our expectations were a little low. Going to the known hottest place on Earth doesn't give you too high of expectations. But because we were so close I wasn't going to miss this opportunity to check it out and see what see what Death Valley look like.

Upon first driving into this National Park my husband commented that it looked like scenes from Star Wars where we were. Once we got to the ranger station we learned that in fact there were several scenes from Star Wars actually filmed in this National Park.

The top picture of me in it was one of the first places we stopped and we're just amazed. It was hard to take it all in. The immense beauty of it all was enormous. The picture right below it is of badwater basin where the lowest recorded temperature on Earth is.

Here is our attempt at getting some family photos at Death Valley. We went as early in the morning as we could get up and drive there from Las Vegas. The temperature hadn't risen too hot and we happen to be going on a day that was actually lower than normal. As we were leaving at lunch time it was just reaching 100 degrees which is not typical normally it has already reached that temperature much earlier in the day.

In the pictures above one is called artist palette and that is one location that Star Wars was filmed at. The other spot is called Devil's Golf Course. One look at that location we knew that if anyone fell trying to walk out there they would be ripped up a lot.

Upon entering the ranger station there is a sign that warns you of extreme heat Danger after 10am. The rental car had a hard time keeping up the AC and we made sure to have our CamelBaks full as well as a lot bottles of water in the car. Two of the pictures are of badwater Basin, including the one of my husband sitting on the ground looking like he is dehydrated. The other one is of the kids at one of our first stops upon entering Death Valley.

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