Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How to Make a Wine Bottle Gift Bag from A Shirt Sleeve

Isn't this a pretty package? Can you believe I created this out of a discarded dress shirt in about 10 minutes?

The only thing that would make this more simple would be putting it in a gift bag (but then I would have to go out to buy one and dealing with some parking lots would make it less than simple.)

This was literally 2 scissor cuts and 2 straight stitches. And if you don't have a sewing machine, this would not be overwhelming to hand stitch.  

To determine the length you need, lay your bottle on top of the sleeve and cut 3 inches below the bottom.

Next turn your sleeve inside out and press.

Stitch across the bottom leaving a half inch seam. You could stop here if you wanted and turn it right side out.

 Or you could also stitch up the side to  decrease the width of at the bottom of the sleeve. A sleeve is constructed so that the narrowest part and it widens as it approaches the body of the shirt. So, depending on the size/fit of the shirt the width may need to be altered.

Then tie with a ribbon around the neck.

It seriously only took me 10 minutes to cut, press, stitch & tie a ribbon.

And don't stop there! Make another one with the other side, even if you don't need it now. You're on a roll, so make it to use for the next occasion.

I also made a gift bag out of the body of the shirt as well, this required more cutting & stitching. I needed a large & flexible gift bag to accommodate several things that are of various shapes that are not easily wrapped.


Micaela @MindfulMomma said...

Love this idea! I'll be sharing it on Twitter & FB!

Mohtasham said...
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Mohtasham said...

very nice tutorial to make bottle gift bags